Designing and building your own home exactly how you want it is an incredible opportunity, but also a daunting one if you don’t have the right team collaborating on the job. If you choose TND as your trusted Builder, we’ll provide design services, personal guidance, and excellent project management that will help you enjoy the process all the way from digging the foundation to selecting your finishes to getting the keys in hand.


Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with both homeowners and business owners to see their dream spaces come to life. If you’re considering a new commercial venture or need to breathe some functionality and style back into your current facility, we’d be happy to set up a meeting to discuss your vision.


With interest rates on the rise and a short supply of homes in Allen County, we’re finding more and more homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes longer and tackling large renovations. Invest in your current home to make it a place you love. We can help you create a beautiful space for your day-to-day life without having to make a move.


Whether you’ve outgrown your current space or just want to add on to better enjoy a hobby, family time or the outdoors–an addition on your current home may be the way to go. We have experience with garage additions, sunrooms, in-law suites, music rooms, main suites and more!

Historic Home Renovations

We’re not intimidated by old homes and the problems that often come with them during a renovation. We’ll work with you to honor the story and character of your old home while also helping it function for your modern lifestyle. We have experience navigating the detailed and rigorous process with the Historic Preservation Board and our projects have been on both the National & Local Registries. One of our favorite areas of the city is Forest Park Boulevard and we’ve proudly completed several extensive projects for homeowners on this iconic Fort Wayne street.

Roof Replacement

The cost of a new roof can feel overwhelming to most homeowners and many are shocked by the price tag—putting it off and potentially creating bigger problems later. Let us give you an estimate or call us with a quote you already have in-hand and we guarantee we can give you an incredible price and unmatched quality that you would expect from a custom home builder. Our dedicated roofing crew is ready to tackle the job for you and take this major repair off your to-do list!